Zoho - How to create your Zoho Account

Zoho - How to create your Zoho Account

1. Select the Datacenter

Make your choice among the various datacenters Zoho is providing to its client.
- .EU: ideal for European clients that are sensitive to the GDPR
- .COM: appropriate for companies that are operating worldwide or that have a client base not restricted to Europe

2. Define the Account Language

We suggest to use the English as your admin language. IT is generally better managed in English and this will also facilitate the communication with Zoho.
Your users will be able to define their own working language so they will not be impacted with your admin choice.

3. Select your Licence Package

Unless you plan to use only 1 or 2 specific products, the best choice it to select the license package named "Zoho One".
This gives you access to all major Zoho products that can be selectively activated upon your needs. Even if you plan to start only with one tool (CRM for instance), you will certainly end up using complementary tools such as Campaigns for your newsletters, Social to manage your social medias, Survey for customer feedback, Forms to integrate online forms in your website, Workdrive to store your corporate files or any of the 50 integrated tools.

4. Define your Pricing

The best price is set for an "All Employee" model. The only constraint is that the number of licenses must match the number of employees in your company. During the implementation phase, you can define a minimal number of licenses (1 per user of the project team + 1 for your implementing Zoho Partner). This number can be adjusted any time to add/remove users (€37/user/month if billed annually).

5. Provide your corporate information

You will need to provide a Credit Card number that will be used to pay for your licenses. A payment through e-banking can also be requested further on.
Create at least one user that will be the Owner of the Zoho Account. You implementing Zoho Partner will need the access to this user. Most of the times, the email address "your company name @scaleupproject.biz" will be used. You can nevertheless define more than one address for a User Account and therefore add your corporate admin email address to the Owner User.

Steps 6 & 7 are only relevant for the Zoho One package.

6. Select the Zoho One Profile

Most of the times, the most appropriate package is "Marketing". This step is not so important as the selection of applications can be easily adapted later on.

7. Configure your Zoho One Account

Make sure to define appropriate Security settings. Please refer to your Zoho Partner to define all relevant parameters.
You can always contact us at info@scaleupproject.ch for any question you might have.

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