Zoho CRM Settings - Configure Email Address

Zoho CRM Settings - Configure Email Address

  1. Setup > Channels > Email > Email Configuration.
  2. Choose the Service

  3. Click IMAP.
  4. Enter the Email Address and then the Password

    In case you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication for your email account, you must enter the App-specific password for IMAP configuration and not your regular email password.
  5. Click Server Details to view the incoming and outgoing server settings.
  6. Choose the Email Sharing Settings.

    There are four types of sharing options:
    Private sharing: Emails will not be accessible to anyone in the organization except the user to whom it is sent. Even if the record is shared with other users the emails within will not be displayed.
    Public sharing: 
    Every email sent or received will be accessible to all users across the organization.
    > Here you can exclude your own domain to keep internal emails between colleagues private.
    Custom sharing: User can share emails using record sharing option.
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